Abril 21, 2007

The post that was supposed to be posted on thursday

Posted in Computer, News, Opinions, RANTS!, Showbiz, tips Sa 12:44 hapon ni naksd

Ito na ang Matagal ko nang dapat na blog post, ang tagal kong hindi nag post mostly because im too lazy to write and ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng initiative to write a new one up from my notes written during the week.

Also, ang daming nangyari this week. The Julia Campbell incident, The Virginia Tech
University Mass Murder by that Psycho dude (i feel sorry for that guy and i give my
condolences to the family and friends of the ones who perished in the incident), Gringo
Honasan Bailed his way out of jail, French Elections (which why i even care???), so on and
so forth na nakalimutan ko na. I will not expound on these topics since they are better
covered by other bloggers or the mainstream media.

Ito na muna ang unang topic of interest ko, Alec Baldwin’s Insulting Voicemail message to
her beautiful 11-year-old daugther na nailabas sa internet and was even played back in its
entirity (sans profanity) on CNN. My question is, why did the message “leaked” out in the
wild, c’mon that is a voicemail message and unless inilabas ng asawa…este ex-asawa over
custody rights or galit ang anak so inilabas iyon, hindi sya madaling ma-hack ng iba. Oh i
take it back, Paris “Sl*T” Hilton’s phone account was hacked easily. Bottom Line, this is
what you get for divorce darn it!

“Good times with Mo Twister”, lagi kong naabutan yung show na wala si Dj MO. Last wendsday
ako nag tune in for “forbidden questions” (first time kong narinig ‘to) and wala nanaman si
Mo that morning. And i don’t know their guest kung sino sya but interesting yung mga
tanong and sagot sa kanya.

Sugapa talaga sa “campaigning” or what i wanted to call it “promotion” yung mga local
candidates namin sa area of responsibility ko (Congressman, Mayor down to the councilors).
I don’t even hear from the opposition or there is no opposition. Yesterday, i saw in
action in bright day light, some teenagers tieing up a political ad for a councilor at the
back of a house without permission from the owner. Sarap sunugin yung ad noong kandidato na iyon. From a first time voter’s perspective, im excited to vote but i have told you that baka hindi na ako makaboto due to some other reasons that i might not post here in this site due to other reasons nga.

And init ng panahon ngayon! Yun lang.

And on to tech related paragraphs.

Ayaw ko nang mag-tambay sa intenet na naka dial-up lang, too slow kahit na naka-off na ang image, flash and Java loading. Kasi naman, artificial slowdown kasi ang ginagawa ng mga prepaid internet cards, fast @ 5.70 kbits/sec to silly at <3.60 kbits/sec. It’s ticking me off (and walang youtube, waaahhhh!)

And forget MP3, go AAC instead. Especially consider the HE-AAC variant (also called AAC+) which on my tests, sounds like 128kbit MP3 on only 48 Kbit HE-AAC. WMA claiming “CD quality” at 64 kbits is a joke pero ang HE-AAC is not kidding at the claim of CD quality at 64 kbits and even lower. Tested it at 32 kbits and still sounded fine, lower than that you sacrifice high frequency quality.


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