Abril 13, 2007

The WORST Prepaid Card that i ever used! And Showbiz Peace Offerings.

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In the past few days, hindi ako nakapag post ng new entries since i don’t want to spew junk into my site and i dont want to repost something that is found in other venues unless i have something to say about it (kaya nga “I have something to say” ang motto ko sa header ng site, although you cannot see it.)

Now i have something to say, NEGATIVELY.

Im frustrated with dial-up that i have turned off image loading and javascript except for selected sites (now, you might wonder why turn off javascript, i feel its a bit faster and im protected from XSS [Cross site scripting] from various sites that might steal cookies or whatever personal goodies from me). Most of The prepaid internet cards that i have used do not go 56 kbps all the time. Half of the time, it just goes 33.6 kbps as measured by file downloads and by looking at the task manager under the networking tab, its not using 100% of the capacity. I think they do that so you will spend more time connected and waiting, para maubos ang 100+ something hours sa card mo.

But the worst i have ever used is ISPx Bonanza, But since im frugal at the moment, binili ko yung 30 pesos nila na card @ 5 hours and i dont like the service. Connections just fail even you are still connected to the ISP, They show “service Advisories” at random while browsing, dati nga mga “S*m M*l*y” ads ng Unisilver nga eh! (I HATE THOSE ADS, buti nalang wala pa so far) and less hours if comparing 100 pesos card values of competitors. (20 hours VS 30 hours with other prepaid internet cards)

I see a solution by ditching dial-up and go Broadband but at 1000PHP a month, no thanks!

I noticed that recently, marami ang nagkabati na sa local showbiz and one sa foreign showbiz.

Let’s start off with Ryza Cenon And Jennylyn Mercado. There is an article na Nagkabati na sila sa isang taping ng “All Star K!” which guests sila doon. Ngayon, galing kay Ryza yung statement na iyon along na manager nya na raw si Manay Lolit Solis (which somebody told me that it is a misquote, under parin sya ng GMA Artists Center.), where is Jen’s own statement? Im subscribed to different Showbiz blogs but i dont see an article na bati na nga sila coming from Jen’s mouth.

Then we move on to Claudine And Gretchen Baretto. (did i spell the family name right?) Bati na rin sila. I find it weird na sa Grocery sila nag-kabati, eh public place iyon and kahit pa sabihin natin na Rustans or some “exclusive” Grocery Store iyon na walang witnesses to the event??? Anyways, good to know at Buntis pa naman si Claudine, that will help her. Now how’s that Kris Aquino! (Ay, sorry po!)

Back to Jennylyn but this time with Alessandra de Rossi. Nag-pansinan naman sila although ewan kung bati na, dati kasi isnab kung isnab pero noong magkasama sila sa taping ng “Super Twins”, Sabi ni Jen na nagkausap sila.

Even in the foreign Showbiz, Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan na Pinagawayan nila si Aaron Carter. Bati na rin and now they say are dissing Paris “S*ut” Hilton, Bad Influence kay Linday Lohan. I liked Linday since “The Parent Trap” pa.

Ok, inaantok na ako but before i close this entry. Going back to the ISPx Bonanza Rant. Gawin ko kaya ito sa opisina nila:

Photo taken from this news article:
“Upset with his cell phone service Kim Smashes Mercedes S500 into Cell Phone Office”



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  1. Cat said,

    hindi naman obvious na galit kalol

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