Abril 13, 2007

Don’t Defrag unless you need to. KSP yung iba nating pulitiko and Pinoy Big Brother 2. Ang swerte ng isang housemate, why? Read on.

Posted in Computer, Eleksyon 2007, Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, tips Sa 5:20 hapon ni naksd

Kanina, i tried to defrag my hard drive since its six months since i had the fresh install of Windows XP and ang tagal!  I almost finsished watching the movie “Employee of the Month” at hindi parin tapos yung defrag and im not using the built in defrag tool in Windows but a sysinternals tool “Contig”.  My Advice, unless you really need disk speed like in video capture where you dont want to drop frames.  Reformat and Reinstall Windows if you feel its slow, or watch your system tray and see some 10+ programs running and taking your 256MB of RAM thats slowing you down.  Padagdag ko lang, pet peeve ko lang sa mga nagbebenta ng PC na Bnew na Dual-Core na PC nga from intel those core 2 duo’s pero 256MB lang ng RAM ang inilalagay and small HDD (i have no prob with small 80GB HDD, but the speed?).  WHAT???

While blog surfing on this hot and boring afternoon, i came across this blog posting:


Titled “In memory of Mr. Senator and his wife… who are still very much alive today.” which is pointing to Howie Severino’s Blog:


Titled “How to name a public school after yourself”

that pinakita na merong “Sen. Ralph Recto Type School Building” na name ng school sa batangas.  Now how KSP is that politician?

Naicomment ko nga sa gantokasiyun.wordpress.com na baka sa type ng puntod sa sementeryo ng mga “people passed away” in Batangas yung “recto type”.

Umm, how about voting for the Underdogs?  Now how’s that?

Well, i watch PBB season 2 on an on-off basis and hindi ako obliged sa sarili ko to react and blog about it, but this topic will.  I read on http://www.retzwerx.com that yung BB ng Slovenia kukuha ng isa sa PBB housemates and he/she will live there for a week and merong taga Slovenia na dito sa Pinas mag stay sa BB, same deal.


Swerte (or malas) sa mapipili dito to go to that other country na “nakakulong” ka parin 🙂  Sana naman prize na pag nakalabas ka na ng Bahay ni Kuya eh you win a trip to Slovenia, same goes to that slovenian na trip to Philippines naman sya.


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