Abril 10, 2007

Freakin Local Political Ads, campaigns, etcetera! & More Windows 3.11 usage.

Posted in Computer, Eleksyon 2007 Sa 7:40 hapon ni naksd

The Political Campaign for the Mayorial, Vice, Congressman and Councilors is messier than i thought.  Sila lang ang may madaming “kalat” sa daan both in paper and in noise.

In the Paper category, they circumvent the big poster rule by flooding us with a lot of small ads and they also tie up cloth ads like streamers only it is as big as a 1/4 sheet of paper.  Wala silang pinipiling bahay pag nasa high traffic area ka (im inside a subdivision and bawal sa loob ang political ads without permission 🙂 )

In the Road Noise category, i have heard no less than 15 political jingles for Councilors alone!  karamihan na hindi ko maintindihan ang lyrics dahil ang pangit ng sound system and walang originality, puro Novelty songs para maganda ang “recall” (Screw 90.7 FM and its affiliates!)

And hindi ko feel na may ginawa ang mga councilors ko, so with our congressman.  Mayor lang at Vice Mayor ang magaling in my opinion.

Pero baka hindi na ako makaboto due to some other reasons.  Observer nalang muna ako.

And again, im typing this blog entry in Windows 3.11 using Notepad.  I save in a diskette (it cannot read the Hard Drive of the Host Operating System) and copy-paste it into wordpress.

So far, puro typing lang and change wallpaper lang ang nagawa ko.  Have not tried installing old windows or DOS games that i have lying around here.

And if i want to fool somebody that i can play MP3’s in Windows 3.11 (yes, i know you can play MP3’s in Windows 3.11 using old software, but it will be limited and slow back in those days!) while doing something heavy.  I play MP3’s in Windows XP and full-screen the Windows 3.11 session.


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