Abril 9, 2007

Old Windows OS, SM North Edsa and Guitar Hero II

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Im writing this Blog entry in Windows 3.11 (remember that?)

What i did is i have the installation floppies of windows 3.11 and i installed them via QEMU, its like VMware that it creates a virtual machine to run other OSes while still running (and more importantly to me, not touching) the Host OS, in my case, the Modern Windows XP.

I cannot surf the web, play games, view pics in high or true color. But it’s still great at documents. And believe it or not, newbie friendly 🙂

Anyways, last Black Saturday, i went along with my cousin to SM North Edsa and i noticed that the 2 annex buildings are being demolished and a billboard was put up showing they are going to build a better annex and in the end of the renovation project. They will look like the Megamall.

So after we parked the car (Traffic was non-existent and i believe that the Metro Manila Roads were designed for that amount of cars anyway), we went inside the new Annex building called “The Block” and it looks like the Megamall outside, the Mall of Asia inside!

We needed to buy something at Toy Kingdom and while waiting for the others to finish off. Me and my cousin played with Guitar Hero II for the Playstation 2 with the Guitar Controller. It was open for play and i was not scolded by the salesladies around (they encouraged free-play as long as the controllers are around and you give way to others. They hid the controller for the Nintendo Wii which was running Wii Sports while we are there). Ang sayang laruin! I have never experienced this kind of gameplay before and the songs are familiar to me but since the difficulty setting was set to medium by the last player, we only reached half of the song before we were “song failed”.

By the way, Happy Easter and GO BACK TO WORK! (HEHEHE)


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