Abril 5, 2007

Google Reader (and another peek at my browsing habits) & Ink Refilling

Posted in Computer, tips Sa 3:00 hapon ni naksd

I have used the Live Bookmarks Feature in my Firefox Browser but everytime i start up the browser, It takes over my dial-up connection.  I Guess (or im right) that it gets its feeds the moment i start-up and i have a lot of feeds so it takes time, like 5 mins before i can browse “properly”.

Anyways, looking for a solution and i have tried different firefox add-ons for RSS feed reading but i did not like them.  The good RSS readers that is a stand-alone program all pretty much shareware (Piracy anybody?). so i found out Google Reader and i like it!

What i like about it is that it can show me only the updated feeds and hide them if nothing is new.  Also it updates realtime if im reading an article then a new item shows up in a separate feed, i see it.

What bugs me for now is the feeds im reading, the local blogs are generous in the number of updates on their website like 1 to 5 new items.  But on foreign tech news sites, 15 to 50 items!  I cant read all of those!  I want a feed (or a website) that just compiles news and not opinions or digg-estque material (oh, im subscribed to digg.).

Did i already mentioned that i turned off image loading in firefox but with a help of an add-on that will enable image loading on a page to page basis (for those forums which they posts pictures, i will allow them to load images) or when i see something that i might be interested in looking at, right click on the image placeholder and select “load image” and it loads!

Recently, i ran out of ink on my printer and i went to Ink Man in one of the malls and they charged me 250 pesos (which i find cheap) for a colored ink cartridge refill, i did not bother refilling the black ink cartridge since it can print text on color alone and it also costs 250 pesos to refill.  I still get good quality prints out of the refill.


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