Abril 4, 2007

On Windows Updates and Linux

Posted in Computer Sa 12:05 hapon ni naksd

I noticed on my Windows Updates that there is a new patch for (of course) Windows XP, eh wala pa ang second tuesday which is the regular schedule of the updates in order for my PC not to be Spyware/virus/trojan horse/keylogger/(insert name of mischief program here) ([sarcasm] Favorito ng mga PC rental shops at ng pinapasukan kong “college” iyan [/sarcasm]) infested.  I checked out what it is and iyon na yung update for the Animated Cursor Vulnerability.

Kasi ganito iyon, if im harry hacker and i knew how to exploit this hole.  I will place my spyware/virus/trojan horse/keylogger/(insert name of mischief program here) inside an animated cursor which when i place it on my myspace profile or my geocities (What? 🙂 ) site.  Windows will execute the code portion of the Animated Cursor.


Dati nga merong exploit na Picture lang in a form of WMF, same thing.  Will execute code that some hacker placed inside the file.

Just update Windows XP.  Kahit pirated pa iyan, may WGA (Windows Geniune Advantage) ka nga lang.  More advanced users, try Linux.

Speaking of Linux, I have an Ubuntu Live CD (Baka masira lang Windows XP ko along with the Data if i Repartion and dual-boot Linux) and i use it to play with linux and Blast Viruses from my floppy or USB Thumb Drive without affecting Windows.

How do i Blast (remove) viruses in Linux?  Reformat!  Kasi in my experience in Windows, certain viruses ayaw tangal sa reformat, even infecting the Machine just by reading it.  Eh sa Linux, hindi nya alam ang virus (in my case, a Boot sector Virus and a VBS type of Virus) kaya safe.  Even safer is the Hard Drive is Untouched.


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