Marso 29, 2007

The Little Hostage that Could.

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You all know what happened last wendsday.  Ok, i was going to somewhere in Manila City and then while waiting for a FX taxi ride that afternoon, i noticed that the Mabini Bound Vehicles are nowhere to be found.  Then i asked the barker why.  He said “may Hostage”.  I said to myself, Yikes!  My “lakad” is important and inisip ko if sagabal iyong hostage drama na iyon and nasa route ba sya.  Anyways, took another FX taxi up to España and then only to take a jeepney again, while in the FX taxi, the radio is tuned into an AM station (Naiba rin!) Ayun, nalaman ko pa extra details tungkol sa Hostage na iyan.  And i was worried that the Kids are hostages and it is near the Manila City hall, dadaanan yung jeep na iyon doon!

The Man behind all of this has 2 grenades (which later found out are fakes) and a semi-automatic Machine Gun (now that one is real), the reason why he did this is to voice out his views on the govt particularly corruption and education.  His demands are Ice cream, Pizza, Free education for the kids and A LOT OF ATTENTION!  CNN,BBC,(Insert name of international News Agency) aired this live and given priority.  He certainly got mine and the world’s attention!

While at the jeepney, i saw people very close to the bus which i saw with curtains blocking the view inside the bus and concenred ako pag nag-amok sya eh yari lahat around the area.

But, the hostage taker is “peaceful” and at around 7:00 PM, tapos na rin and the weird thing about it is the kids are ok, parang gusto nila ma-hostage eh!  (They were given toys and foods instead, natakot na sila when they saw the gun and greanades).  The parents will not sue the Hostage taker, Still weird because if i were one of the parents of the kids there, im fuming mad!

I remember this Hostage Drama like the Magdalo Soldiers that took over Ayala Center, particularly the Oakwood hotel @ Glorietta.  Kailangan na To go great lenghts just to get attention diba?  And be screwed by the justice system in the end (ha!)

Advice to those na may balak gumawa ng ganito, don’t put other people in harms way, kayo nalang 🙂

And bakit si Chavit Singson nandoon?  Kaibigan or Kampanya?  (i don’t trust that person).


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  1. Cat said,

    yeah, it’s a good news, no one is hurt or ended dead. The last time we had a hostage drama, the hostage taker was shot.
    chavit?yeah i dont trust him either., just thinking his face and the way he smirks urggg. If that grenade was real, i bet all my kayamanan, he wouldn’t dare talk with that madman

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