Marso 23, 2007

Starstruck, Final Deliberation from the council (?)

Posted in Starstruck Sa 2:38 umaga ni naksd

I think this Thursdays episode was the final “formal” episode and this friday, baka practice lang sa Final Judgement night this sunday, mukhang 10:30 AM yata ang pasok and you stay there or have some mark in your wrist, sana hiwalay ang pasok and kasama ko ang iba pang kaibigan ko or else i will settle for the TV nalang even though i get the tickets which by the way dapat friday (ngayon as im posting this) pero hindi parin ako contact nya so its still up in the air and i don’t want to be in a part of some party game style of ticket distribution also on friday (alam nyo na iyon!)

Believe it or not, i did not absorb the info from the show itself! So before sunday, baka mag-post nalang ako ng balik tanaw ng previous seasons, i have it on paper already.

And my choices of the winners as seen in my sidebar are set in stone and wala nang kokontra ha!

Mga pahabol:

1.)  I have posted a comment on Jewel’s Blog!

2.)  I have been lurking on the Starstruck 4 thread over at and Oh dear, Democracy at its finest!  I still believe in other people’s opinion (after learning it the HARD way) but i was hurt by some of the comments, makikita din doon yung personality ng mga taga-hanga ng isang actor/actress eh, hitlist ko ngayon yung mga maka-Kris Bernal which sila ang pinaka-“makasira”, then yung mga maka-jewel eh positive thinkers and the Rich fans, umm where are they.  Now its only the tip of the iceburg and its not conclusive.

And i agree with one post there that we might see a repeat of Jackie Rice (although, i do see her on TV recently on “Princess Charming” and i like how she looks 🙂 ) sana hindi na ganoon ang case and parang season 1 na ulit ang popularity!


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