Marso 23, 2007

Finds at some thrift shop

Posted in Daily Life, News, review Sa 2:28 umaga ni naksd

Kanina noong nasa Gateway Mall, Cubao ako. Im Kinda Jealous on 1.) Guys with Girlfriends & 2.) People with Laptops (anyways, its for business!)

Then i went inside this U.S.A Surplus Shop, like the Ukay-Ukay, only more diverse in the number of items you can buy. I will only focus on the electronics/appliances stuff and will be ignoring the clothing/toys/shoes since i have no idea how “clean” they are. In fact, while browsing the shop, im on the watch for anything “bad”.

Ito ang mga nakita ko sa loob:

1.) Old Computers: Mostly from the Pentium III & below fare but from name brands like Compaq, HP, Dell and Emachines. I suspect that 70% of them are DOA units and sell for 500 PHP for you to thinker on. While working units are 4,000 PHP and up.

2.) Old PC monitors: I think all of the good ones like the flat-panel CRT’s are DOA and just waiting for somebody to “buy” the darn monitors!

3.) Power adapters: For some reason, ang daming Power adptors, yung ginamit sa mga cordless phones, answering machines, chargers. Hindi naman magamit dito since 110V lahat sila! Does not make sense to use them here (unless maybe there is a travel adapter there that i missed that can work here)

4.) Old A/V components: Like TV’s, Stand-alone CD players which needed a separate amp (do they sound better than our CD players now?), Region 1 DVD players which it will play “Carriedo” supplied DVD’s anyway, Very Old Audio Amps and speakers (one of them is an “Harman/kardon” & Directv satellite receivers, another “Useless here” item that you can buy.

5.) Old game consoles: I was surprised to see the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the Nintendo SNES on sale and they have game cartridges! But i have no idea if they are still working. While on the subject of game cartridges, i also found Sega Master System Cartridges and even Atari 2600 cartridges, included the reportedly bad game “E.T”!

6.) VHS tapes: NAH! i have a lot of tapes to overwrite and record to.

7.) Printers: Like the monitors, i suspect they are all DOA units but if most of the units are working and sell less than 2,000 PHP. I might snag one since most of them are laser printers and All-in-ones that are like 3 years old and less!


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