Marso 19, 2007

Starstruck, the last week at the broadway (Hello Marikina!) & PBB 2. Yung latest opinions

Posted in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, Starstruck Sa 1:39 umaga ni naksd

So, hindi na final 4 kundi Survivor 6 na sila and kanina. Im quite angry with the avengers since majority of them don’t belive in Jewel’s position to be there, Gusto nila si Stef! Anyways, individual opinions lang naman and may bearing ba sila sa final scores?

And, ang ganda ng appeal ni Jewel at lalo na kay Rich sa katulad natin on why we should vote for them.

Anyways, since this is the last week, i will make some additions to the blogsite. I will add on the widgets area my picks for Ultimate Sweetheart, Ultimate Hunk and Ultimate Loveteam. And direct vote links to them.

Sinu-sino kaya ang manonood ng Live sa Marikina? I may not watch it even though i know somebody who will give me some tickets (and don’t ask me those tickets!) because of GMA’s idea of SOP and S-files to be also held there on that day, i go to my church on sunday mornings, cannot do an override of schedule and baka yung lang ang chance mong makapasok, unless hiwalay ang pasok ng mga gusto lang manood ng Starstruck.

In PBB news, natangal na ang “Bold Star” at yung na-hapon na Anime dubber. Tsaka itong si Gee-Ann gustong sanang mag voluntary exit. Buti hindi natuloy kundi mababawasan ako ng “eye-candy”

And your nominees for eviction for this week are:

Kian: I find him loud but i would not evict him.

Gee-Ann: I will not evict her!

Beatriz: If i were a housemate, i would not nominate her. Because she is an asset in the house. Pero sa viewers perspective ko, Get her out of house!

Jasmin: Sila na bahala sa kanya, hindi ko alam kung palalayasin ko sya or what.


2 mga puna »

  1. angelblush said,

    nawala na pala ung hapon -_- 😛

  2. susmeyo… pbb vs starstruck…

    ako gusto ko manalo si prince at si rich. si aljur ata ang susunod sa yapak ni mark herras eh. ewan… hirap mag comment pag showbiz. ^

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