Marso 17, 2007

The person who really popularized “Itaktak Mo”, What’s my Web browsing habits and The Philippine Digital TV effort, and HDTV in general.

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Kanina sa Eat Bulaga, they have credited the woman in the audience who popularized the “taktak” on TV and with the help of Joey de Leon, it took off. They are trying to 1up “Boom Tarat Tarat”, by the way.

Buti naman at hindi nila kinalimutan sya, i actually asked myself what did happen to her, where are the royalties and the attention. Ayun na nga, parang binayaran na sya ng royalty in the form of a sari-sari store and i think there is money involved backstage (hindi na nga lang sinabi, baka lang ha!)

Balita ko, ang Eat Bulaga eh natatalo nanaman sa ratings, i don’t think so.

*Bias starts here*

Do you know what, i find the “umaalog-alog-alog” song that Willie sings before going to the games on Wowowee, for the old people and merong double meaning (the t*ts the chorus is refering to)

*Bias ends here*

More and more i browse wikipedia and i help add and correct Philippine based articles recently. Dati nga, nasabi ko na mahilig ako sa youtube (not the NSFW material) pero sa bahay eh Dial-up lang (which in my all atempts to speed it up just a bit by making it more responsive, dial-up parin eh.)

Then, i look at my RSS feeds of other peoples blogs, forum postings (i wont mention on where and what topics, thank you) and

I browse late at night on fridays and sometimes sundays to take advantage of free dial-up

What’s yours?

Now, im excited at ABS-CBN’s effort of Broadcasting its shows in Digital. Sabihin ko lang na ang pangit ng reception ng Ch.2 dito but just move into my neighbor and malinaw sya. Digital will fix this. Also it will bring HDTV if they opt for it, i saw HDTV demos already (remember my post of Blu-ray from PS3) and i would like to see local shows in HD. Lalabas na ang totoo kung maganda nga ba ang artista sa TV or hindi (hahaha).

If you have seen the pirated DVD of “Jumong” from carriedo already, you might have noticed the screen bug which said “MBCHD”. MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) made jumong and its in HD originally, the pirated is an HD-rip and if only GMA-7 is in HDTV already, they can show jumong in HD!

also have you noticed that Princess hours on ABS-CBN is in letterbox form? Why? Maybe its in HD originally and whoever made it in Korea did not want it to be pan&scanned to fit our square, 4:3 tv’s.

American Shows in studio 23 are also available in HD if studio 23 were in HD.

Next post, i will discuss the cost of Digital or HDTV and my criticisms on current NTSC (the analog that we all use right now) broadcasts.

In the meantime go to : for image samples of HDTV broadcasts and you will see why you want your local shows to look like that!


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