Marso 7, 2007

PBB 2, More new housemates & Windows Vista “Dreamscene” (and how i did “it” in Windows XP)

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Well, Hindi ko napanood yung Monday Episode na pumasok si Kian pero napanood ko yung scenes na yung mga housemates, hindi main-tindihan kung ano ang gagawin nila sa Giant Lamp. Anyways, i find Kian to be nice to the housmates and si Nel, well. Let’s see.

Si Bea, magiging asset nila in responsibilities and cooking. Since ang weekly task nila ay mag-luluto silang lahat to impress the staff and crew of Big Brother eh mananalo sila definitely, except if nag-kagulo between the housemates since marami na sila.

May Dog nanaman sila and i don’t know if yung dog na iyon part of the house or just a task given, anyways may dalawang dog lover naman doon eh (Ezekiel and Robert).

Si Ezekiel, may tendency na makagalit ng mga girls, example ay noong lunch times na si Wendy at si Ezekiel medyo nag-sagutan. And si Gee-Ann naman ay na-bad trip sa kanya.

And did you notice that puro si Gee-Ann ang focus ng camera ngayon sa “Primetime Bida” telecast? Hindi si Wendy?

Before i forgot, si Jasmin ang bagong housemate, in my opinion. Sila ni Wendy ay mag-kakasundo sa house since pareho sila nagpinag-daanan in terms of Hirap.

And again, no Starstruck update this post since boys lang naman iyon.

Now to Windows Vista Naman tayo, in “ultimate”, there is this feature called “Dreamscene” which it allows you to use videos as wallpapers with *no performance penalty* since its part of Aero and its GPU accelerated. Well, matagal ko nang alam na Windows Xp pa iyan pwedeng gawin but using some obscure player. Now I found out how using VLC Media Player which i have installed and i don’t know na pwede pala iyon, until i researched how to do it.

Found this article:

And i have the thing working, problem is. There is still the VLC Media Player on my taskbar and i want it to

1.) Start-up everytime i boot up.
2.) Hide VLC
3.) Use less CPU cycles and Memory as possible.
4.) Loop the video since it stops when it reaches the end.

Now this time, its up to me to solve it and i did. how?

1.) To hide the interface window. Under the Preferences -> Interface -> Main Interfaces -> wxWidgets. Click on the Systray Icon option. Then when you restart VLC, you should see the system tray icon for it. Right-click and select “Show/Hide Interface”.

2.) To Loop the video(s), let VLC start-up on Boot & save some System resources. First, Create a playlist of the video(s) you want to use and save the playlist. Then, create a batch file like this:

Start C:\Progra~1\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe “(the place where you saved the playlist)” –no-audio –one-instance -L

Save it as a batch file and place it in the “startup” folder in the start menu.

Now everytime you Boot windows, you will see you videos as Desktop wallpaper. And on my PC, an MPEG-1 File playing back took like 2% of my CPU and 8 to 12 MB of RAM. I believe that the GPU is doing all the decoding.


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  1. foobarph said,

    will it put up stress on your eyes if u will view videos while doing some desktop work? ^^

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