Marso 6, 2007

Starstruck, CoverGirls. My Study Habits (What happens at College, Stays in College!)

Posted in college, Starstruck Sa 12:16 umaga ni naksd

I would like to say that JEWEL, GANDA SA PHOTOSHOOT!

Now merong three levels ang photoshoot nila.

1.) Raw.
2.) Cooked. (….and)
3.) Overboard.


1.) Natural.
2.) With Make-up (Just right)
3.) With Make-up (They looked like vases already), Eye-Contacts (To give them Color), “Rich People” Clothes (To Show Jewel’s……Alam nyo na.)

Si Kris pa naman, Reyna ng magazine cover ng Meg dati, cannot keep up with the other girls while Stef (na lumabas na sa TV before) #1 sa mata ni Fanny Serrano at noong photographer.

Bukas, PASS AKO.  Mag Ala-“Call-boys” (excuse for my word describing the activity) ang photoshoot ng Boys.  And then again, i don’t pay attention to the boys that much.

Now, i wanna share to you my Study Habits.  I Listen, do, act inside the room.  But in my own bedroom.  Saka na ang college work ko!  Yun lang!


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  1. paurong said,

    hindi ko man napanood ang starstruck ngayong gabi, alam kong grabe talaga si jewel. sa lahat ng girls sa starstruck, siya lang yung gusto ko. sana manalo siya.

  2. `omega^^ said,

    well, they made it just right. maganda naman talaga sila last night. nakita ang improvement ni jewel sa third shot. dito na nakikita and kalakasan ng loob ng isang tao. and see what’s the result… it’s just right…

    stef has a powerful personality. compared to kris who’s cute but whose confidence is still lacking. nakita rin ang kagandahan ni rich dito. well, maganda talaga siya in fairness ha. and nakita kung gaano kapursigeng lumaban si jewel…

    ako rin, i’m not so with the boys…

  3. james cook said,

    just 2 comments show it all, despite the hype, who really cares,
    and frankly, I didnt see any beautiful girls at that show, pretty at
    best, and the daughters of some rich b*tches, who are ugly themselves
    and wanna get fame thru their , not overly pretty daughters, in the phils
    no on, coming from a lower social caste can ever rise to anything, be it
    such ridiculous contests, or be it lenghty studies, so pls save us this
    ridiculous bally hoo,

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