Marso 5, 2007

Starstruck, WALA NANAMANG NATANGAL! And PBB, Beatriz is, OMG!

Posted in Pinoy Big Brother Season 2, Starstruck Sa 12:15 umaga ni naksd

Sa Starstruck, i expected Stef or (Believe it or not) Rich to be booted out. Guess what, Non-elimination nanaman sila this week and i think they are buying more time para mas-marami pang tao ang “Bumoto” sa kanila.

Anyways, i noticed in studio and in the mall show footage they had na yung mga Aljur and Jewel (GO JEWEL! MAY PAG-ASA PA!) fans ang may pinakamaraming posters. Saka Provincial Mall Tour na sila in this coming days (actually bukas sa Bohol)

And this coming Friday, May Live Chat session sila, i immediately went to the website and i saw the link to register for chat. Ok, when the registration page showed up. Umm, its broken in Firefox (with Ad-Blocking or Page style modifications off):


Tried it in IE 7 and still the same case:

Same with Opera:

Now i wonder, do i need to use the Bug-laden IE 6 or (huwag naman sana) IE 5 to see the page correctly? I know that IE 5 to 6 had some bad CSS implementations and web designers needed to “Hack” the CSS code in order the page to look right, eh IE7/Firefox/Opera lang ang meron ako eh! Hindi tuloy muna ako nag-register.

Sa PBB naman tayo, May new housemate nang pumasok na Girl (Beatriz) and OH DEAR! basta, alamin ko nalang ugali nya in the coming days. Akala ko tuloy isa pang “Eye Candy” ang papasok (hahaha)

Ito iwanan ko nalang kayo ng PS2 na mura lang, at makakapaglaro ka pa ng Mga Family Computer Na laro!

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