Pebrero 27, 2007

CD-R king (Ang mura!), YOUTUBE (NAKAKAADIK!) & HE-AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), Wow, unbelievable!

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I already bought CD-R king branded headset (headphone with a mic sticking out of it) for only 75 pesos, it works fine for me, the mic is good a picking up my voice but the loudness of the speakers is kinda weak.

And then i plan to get the 150 peso headphone that looks like what the DJ’s use in radio, since my earphones included in my MP3 player (a “Creative”) can’t block sound from outside without rendering me deaf. I have read reviews, they say its ok but i haven’t auditioned it. I have a classmate ho has these headphones pero nakalimutan kong mag-ask to try it out.


And then they sell PC accessories on the cheap, yet they are durable, example noong wala pa akong Sariling PC and relied on my suking PC rental shop (which the internet connection is fast, they maintain the PC’s and away from Noisy kids cussing at each other, grabe ang bata pa talaga nila.) they use CD-R king optical mice and they work.

Kanina sa free time ko, youtube nanaman ako and two hours ako nanood, did not read news or any other thing. Sa dami eh i forgot most the good stuff i wanted to share. The videos that amazed me are the Swiss Fighter Plane Pilots who fly low in the swiss alps, The First official Apple Iphone TV commercial Aired at the oscars (Ang galing talagang mang-ingit ng Apple, the music and concept is nice.), Old PC and Game Console Commercials & 3000 students watching a guy break-up with his Girlfriend on Valentines Day (It’s like watching Jerry Springer! A must see. but be warned, explicit language.)

Then the only video that i did not like is yung nasa-magkatabing PC’s ko. Videos of the interviews of Kris Aquino, James Yap and Hope Centino (i Hope [pun intended] i spelled her surname right), PHULEEZZZ! Akala ko gusto nyo “private”, Eh dinaan pa sa mag-kakontrang TV interviews eh, sa una eh aminan sila then nag-kontrahan na. Si Kris Aquino, madaling kapitan ng sakit of issues, remember Joey marquez V.S. her? Magkakontra rin sila ng interviews, LIVE PA SA MAG-KABILANG HIMPILAN! Ayaw ko ng may ganitong pinaguusapan para mag-karoon ng publicity and ratings. Let’s talk about the good things, ipagmalaki natin iyon. Let’s all be happy and let solve these negatives in the background rather than the focus of one’s “Artista”.

I was listening to internet radio and then when i stumbled upon this AAC stream at 24 kbits, i opened it up in foobar2000 and the sound is way better than WMA streaming at the same bitrate!

Curious of the AAC format, i downloaded the Free Nero Digital AAC encoder (command line utility, No Nero Suite Required) and played with it. At 128 kbits, kinda sounds better than MP3 at the same bitrate, but at lower bit rates, Better than MP3 or WMA and about the same as Ogg Vorbis. Sana hindi lang MP3 ang available to download and my audio player supports the AAC or even the Ogg Vorbis format


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  1. foobarph said,

    teka, may alam ka bang reliable na converter ng mga .3gp movie to avi, mpeg? kailangan ko kasing mag encode ng videos para makapag transfer ng file sa youtube. hehe

    naksd’s answer: Try SUPER VIDEO ENCODER @

    There is an encoding/uploading guide at youtube @

    Scroll down to the “Uploading Your Videos to YouTube” section on the video format to use

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