Pebrero 22, 2007

The “ultimate” Digital Camera (so far..), Boring subject & Talk about Contradictory news!

Posted in college, News, RANTS! Sa 11:34 hapon ni naksd

Reading my feeds, i stumbled upon this new Canon Digital camera that can record 720p HD video on Memory cards!


This is like the Sanyo Xacti HD-1A or the HD2 but this is a Canon & costs less than the Sanyo (based on the gizmodo article)

I bet that this will take better video than your SD DV camera, but the disadvantage that i see is in the memory cards, Tapes are cheaper than cards but the HDV camcorders which record on tape are EXPENSIVE!

I would like to take one of these cameras for a spin and record somebody i like to see in HD video, beating the SD cameras commonly pointed at her (clue:I will give NO CLUE to who she is!)

Kanina sa isang subject ko sa college, its sooo boring just making powerpoint presentations on “POWERPOINT 97”. Huh?, you are using Office 97? Yes, because the computers we were using for that particular computer lab run WINDOWS 98 and they are 8 years old (based on their hardware of 500mhz procs, 64 MB of RAM, Some S3 vid card…). Well fine if im in a public college like PUP or even UP (i bet the hardware over UP is better) but this is a (quote)International Computer College(unquote) and i’m (and others) are paying good money for college education and i think lang na “moro-moro” lang ang style doon. i won’t mention the name of the college dahil no choice rin muna ako and i just want to vent out disspointement, di bale malapit na akong mag-“move on”

with that rant, i would like to give the news of the day, taken from Google News:



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  1. Natawa naman ako sa screen capture. Epitome of conflict. 😀

    Takot lang ni Blair siguro mawawalan na naman sila ng prince na ilalagay sa tabloid. Haha 😀

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