Pebrero 17, 2007

Starstruck “Commercial” Tests and BRING BACK THE OLD “Campus Radio”!

Posted in Opinions, Starstruck Sa 1:55 umaga ni naksd

Una sa halat, Kumita ang “Dutch-Mill Yogurt Drink” and “Sunsilk” sa product placements nila.

Wala ako masabi sa “Dutch-Mill” episode last Thursday, pero yung “Sunsilk” Episode this Friday. ANG GANDA NI KRIS and i want to see Jesi More on the Girl side rather than Tomboy. Ok, para magustuhan ko sya, Mag-pakababae ka or Bye-Bye ka na! (Sayang, maganda pa naman ang eyes nya after Jesi putting a Wig since the commercial “Hates” Short Hairs (hehehe)

Hey, i don’t really like the fact that the DJ’s over the new 97.1 FM (Barangay LS) speak tagalog and imitate the people i hate over 90.7, kahit na gusto ko OPM and yung GMA recording artists (Except one..).

Wanna Bring back the Old Campus Radio? Maybe this Petition may help:


Sure people can Cheat on this petition, but hey. Its better than nothing.


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  1. Danes said,

    Hey, I’m Danes, an airchecker of LSFM. Even I is not pleased with the change in format. The DJs of LSFM have no say in it. It was GMA’s sole decision. To be more specific, Mike Enriquez’s.

  2. Abby said,

    Thank you for signing the petition and for spreading the link. 🙂 I hope we can get this message across, most especially to Mike Enriquez.

  3. Shayne said,

    Hi… I’m really thankful that we had a chance to voice out what we really think about the change.. and also… I dont have to do this Petition my self..

  4. Macmac Capulong said,

    Campus Radio sucks. So stop messing around telling people to change 97.1 Barangay LS to 97.1 Campus Radio. Everyone is tired and sick about that thing. You got to listen to 97.1 Barangay LS because my classmate, Gabby Yoingco, likes to listen to it.

    naksd’s response:

    What??? 🙂

  5. Keane said,

    I won’t have to do this all alone…

    Let’s unite!
    I also left a comment on shale’s blogsite. Let’s fight for this.
    Don’t stop until GMA brings back Campus Radio!

    And silence anyone who gets in our way, like those leaving anti-Campus Radio comments on your site.

  6. coleth said,

    yehey!!!!please bring back the campus radio…nung narinig ko silang magtagalog palipalipit..plsss ibalik nyo..ang korni ng baranggay ganun ganun..yuck tlga..parang ginaya nila ung sa channel 2 ung for life..pati sila may ganun na din forever ganun ganun..kainis…plss mike enriquez ibalik nyo ung campus radio dahil maraming studyanteng di na nakikinig sa inyong station..pls lang..

  7. coleth said,

    last na..sayang ung gma student air checkers nyo mga talented pa man din sila..sinayang lang tlga..tsk tsk tsk…

  8. 97.1 Barangay LS is the second successor jologs station. If you are a Barangay LS lover, go to to sign the petition. Barangay LS is our idol.

  9. anonymous said,

    Even I is not pleased with the change in format

    Ouch. I hope that was a typo.

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