Pebrero 13, 2007

Starstruck “saksakan”…este…..Survivors VS Avengers Girls Acting test & Dude, Where are the Political ads???

Posted in Eleksyon 2007, Starstruck Sa 11:05 hapon ni naksd

Drama test with Alessandra de Rosi, gulat lang ako sa ending, sinuntok lang ba iyon o may sharp object at may saksakan nga?? I find the scenes rushed and matindi ang editing, to show all pairs or medyo violente na?

Ang lakas ng Sampal ni Alex kay Jewel (aray!), nag-sorry rin naman si alex. Trabaho lang. Plus, Alex chose Jewel as Best actress.

Naku, itong si Direk (not direk Louie), nasabihang “maganda” si Jesi, “Guwapo” po sya. Nag-kabaliktad? (hehe). Pero He (Hindi ko mai-spell yung Direk ng Drama na ito) chose Jesi as the worst, same decision with Alex.

Mas maaksyon pa bukas, the boys with the participation of Jean Garcia.

How many Political Ads for the upcoming election have i seen on TV. Three! One from Manny Villiar and One from Tessie Oreta and One from that Osmeña guy. Are they saving up money or thier time allocation of 120 mins On TV for the whole Campaign period? I expect na full force sila from day one. And also, i haven’t seen paper “grafitti” of the candidates yet.


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