Pebrero 7, 2007

Starstruck “The Lovestruck week”, Pasaway na “Time Crisis”, Mga atat sa Windows

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Ok, Monday’s Ep was an MTV of different parings of possible Loveteams. Sana hindi na
kasali si JESI at si Rich nalang ang nasa pwesto nya. Yuck! noong nakita ko si JESI na
ipinartner in different Boys, Yuck!. No chemistry.

I think its just a good geusture from GMA na kasali si Jesi sa Starstruck, but i don’t
think that he/she deserves to be in higher ranks for now. Huwag sya sa mainstream kundi sa
roles like the fellow Gays do (but this time sa lesbo naman)

Tuesday’s Ep was cute, nagandahan ako kay Kris. Yeah, i know that she had experience
posing for magazines (lumabas na sya sa isang teeny-bopper mag), but ngayon lang sya
nag-stand out. Guess it’s Jewel (GO JEWEL) and Kris (GO KRIS) Duking it out in the Final
4, Delikado si Stef pag-nanalo, baka maging Jennylyn Mercado ang ugali nya.

Naku, almost finsihed Time Crisis 4 then naubos ang Life ko in the last scene. Sayang
naman. I did manage to finish Time Crisis 2 with just one token.

Kanina, napadaan ako sa mga pirata ng Computer software and may nag-tanong if why Windows
Vista did not install on the PC and another one is asking if this is the RTM, etc. I feel
that they will have a really hard time installing Windows Vista on thier Machines, bago pa
eh, kulang pa sa drivers, software and “cracks” (hey, include them also in the Vista
Compatibility Checklist šŸ™‚ ).

Oh dear, i saw the security cameras at Robinsons Metro East Now online and working,
connected via ethernet. Is that the reason why there is free internet access there? If
those cameras are on the same network as the internet access and “Unencrypted”. Let the
Spying begin!


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