Pebrero 5, 2007

Starstruck, Jan and Rich, ELIMINATED and Movie Product placements

Posted in Opinions, Showbiz, Starstruck Sa 6:43 hapon ni naksd

Naku, bakit si Rich natangal. I want Jesi out of that competition!

Anyways, maganda nanaman ang production numbers nila and the council was impressed yet again. Jewel Mische (Go JEWEL!) ay napasama kay Stef and Rich in thier production number, iyan tuloy parang out of place si Jewel sa dalawa. KWELA ang “taktak mo!” nina Kris, Jesi (hahahahaha) and mart.

Recently i have watched “Open Season” on DVD and i noticed that even this is CG animation, i can’t help myself wondering on the product placements like this TV with a “Sony” brand on it:

open-season-1.jpg(Please Click to Enlarge Pic, it does not fit on this page)

or the “Sony Ericsson” cellphone:open-season-2.jpg

Grabe naman iyang product placement na iyan. Expect in future “Columbia Pictures” films that there will be a PS3’s, Blu-Ray’s and Bravia’s on their movies. All computers in most of their films are Sony Vaio’s (one example is “The Benchwarmers”). Still product placements on Enteng Kabisote 3 were far worse.


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