Pebrero 3, 2007

Personal Experiences of Windows Vista Ultimate Retail Version at the Windows Vista Launch, SM Mall of Asia & Photoworld Manila 2007.

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First i went to see the exhibits at Photoworld Manila 2007 and i was kinda dissapointed because i did not see a lot of new things and no raffle, no tryouts that i can freely “try out” and less people around.  Still, i found cool stuff like the HDV and AVCHD Camcorders of Sony (i want one, for future-proofing and would it be nice to capture stupidity on HD? hehehe), the Insanely Expensive Canon HDV camera (PHP 495,000!!!), cannot remember the model number but it is in the lineage of the XL1.  And a photo exhibit of the GMA Artists center sponsored by Fujifilm.

And as a side-experience at Ayala Center, Makati.  I tried out the WLAN Capabilities of the Nokia N91 since one is for “play” at the HUB at the “Digital Exchange” area.  The Web browsing works but i cannot go to any other website because the only Wi-Fi Access point that i can connect to is a “Globequest” SSID which you need to pay up in order to use it (i get into a Log-in Page).

Next, i went to SM Mall of Asia (Favorite!) and the moment i come there, there is this Marching band with a Windows Vista Logo on their Drums and they are “patrolling” the front of the Mall and later inside.  Anyways, came in and long and behold, a line of people not just at the computers with Vista on it, but to pick-a-prize of i don’t know exactly since many of the “prizes” they have picked (the people) are “Thanks for Trying Windows Vista”.

Also the promotion that when you buy a Vista or Office 2007 Boxed software and get a free digital camera, was a hit! i saw many people with new Canon Digital cameras and as i checked out the computer stores, there are no more Windows Vista or Microsoft office 2007 boxes on display (sold-out or they are not showing it, there is a display cardboard where the boxes are displayed but no “box”).  C’mon for the price of a new digital camera you get a free vista or Vice-Versa.

Ok, my impression(s) on Windows Vista, Pretty.  Prettier than Mac OS X (10.4.XX).  All of the computers there were Laptops from HP and Acer, All were Intel Core 2 Duo with 1GB of RAM, they ran Aero Glass just fine.  I liked the transparency effects and the new flip 3D, the new color scheme, new fonts like MAC OS X.  Appreciated the User Account Protection (it asks me if i “did” what the computer will about to do, not by some vermin program), Media Center.

But assuming i had the cash and the hardware and i already have a digital camera, i will not buy Vista now.  It’s like Windows 98 compared to 95, you can still use 95 back in the day if you know what i mean.

Office 2007 on the other hand, uummmm, i don’t need a new office suite.  That’s all.

They held a launch concert at the music hall area but i left before it started, i don’t know what bands or celebrities will make an apperance.

Side-experiences on Mall of Asia, i don’t like what they are showing now at the IMAX theatre, “Night at the Museum” which i don’t think will take advantage of the IMAX format and that Dinosaur flick that still they are trying to milk money out of of it (SHOW “DEEP SEA 3D” OR THAT SPACE FILM IN 3D PLEASE!).  I went to the seashore (esplanade) and the place was “trashed” with trash and the kids are walking on the rocks at sea which is dangerous, what if they fell into the water?  At night, the places that were not airconditioned were so cold, there is like airconditioning there.  and the lines were long at the fast-food chains, the irony is that almost all in front of the counters is ordering “Bucket meals” which leads to longer waiting times and then your order and the next person’s order is just a combo meal, why is that?


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  1. Trav Eler said,

    I was there during the Microsoft launch and was able to get the free camera for a purchase of Vista Ultimate. It was a favor for my friend. Had I known the digital camera is A420, I should’ve bought one myself. Since they only advertised a free Canon digital camera (without a model #), I did not want to buy Vista for 25k and then get a crappy low-end Canon camera. You know what i mean. My XP is working just fine. Besides, I tried the Vista Ultimate Beta, it’s sure hell is slow considering I’m using a P4 3.0GHz HT processor and 1GB dual channer DDR with a 512MB DDR2 PCI-E video card. It looks nice on my 19″ wide screen LCD though.

    So to those who wanted to upgrade to Vista, make sure you have the hardware for it.

    And for Microsoft, when you launch a software make sure you have the stocks to back it up. A lot of people were’nt able to get the item/s they paid for. One of them is me. Since this is advertised all over, I’m surprised that no one is complaining to the DTI. Microsoft can be sued for this. Well thats just me. I’m willing to wait since they promised 10-15 days stocks will be available. Hopefully the keep their promise.

    As for the office, the initial blogger is right. For an average (most of us) users, Office XP or 2003 will do just fine.

    Wanna upgrade?

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