Pebrero 1, 2007

Starstruck “un-incident” (and why dapat wala na munang next batch) & Photoworld Manila 2007

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Last night’s Episode was a set-up (unlike last season’s?), yung mga girls hindi pasaway, yung boys eh muntik na. Natawa ako sa reaction ng isang tauhan ng GMA which she is also clueless, as she get’s the paper coming out of the fax machine, “baka test rin ito” the girl said.

Bakit ang week ngayon ng Starstruck eh 1.) Hula. 2.) Survey. 3.) Hidden Cam and as im typing this, yung “behind-the-scenes” nila. Ano pa ang bukas, next week, the Final Judgement itself? Naku, im quite losing interest na ako sa show na ito. Before it began auditions, i have a BAD feeling about this na TAMA NA! Ayusin natin yung ibang batch, sayang naman! Kung wala talaga, eh huwag pilitin pero don’t hold back on the (lonely) avengers which kaya nga sumali para mag-artista.

Ito matagal ko nang gustong pag-usapan itong nakita ko, humanap lang ng tiyempo (which is this entry). I have read a blog entry ( in which had an edited version of a blog entry by a certain starstruck avenger (batch 3, male. Yun lang muna clues) on his personal blog. I also dug up the “original” text from a forum which i have edited to only contain the parts that matter (and just to hide some things.)

Just killing time here. Waiting for 6PM to come. Until that time, wala akong ibang gagawin but to be alone in my room. So I guess it’s quite productive to spend tim here. Or at least I think. Hehehe..
The silence of the room makes me think of what’s happening and what I really want in my life. No matter how hard I try for it to be simple, it just wouldn’t be the way it was. Now that i had a taste of good life – a little fame, a little money and all the perks of being an artista – it’s just harder. When I went back home for the holidays, I talked with my father and my ate. They asked me what’s my plan, what’s my next move? It’s really hard to answer that. I don’t know why pero wala talaga akong nasagot. Now that I’m caught up in between things. I have my plans but I’m afraid to share it with them. Afraid that that might not be the plan they want for me. Then I thought, I’m just 18 pero ganito na kabigat ang problema ko. Hahaha.. Ang hirap… May plans na man ako. It’s not that grandiose as compared to my previous achievements (kung meron man, sa tingin nila) but I have to start somewhere. And I think it’s pretty good for my future. this could be my last year in showbiz. I’m just waiting for blessings to come. Pero nakakapagod na ring i-push pa yung sarili mo when nobody want’s to even notice your efforts. Napapagod na ako. Until those opportunities come, I’ll just wait for my contract to expire and then move on. Babalik na ako ng (school) to continue my studies. Medyo left behind na din kasi ako. My classmates are graduating next year and I don’t want them looking down on me like I’m rubbish.

Wala na man akong pinagsisihan sa mga decisions ko sa buhay. For me, walang bad decisions, it’s on how you manage yourself after making a decision. Definitely, madami akong natutunan sa mga nangyari sa buhay ko. Sabi ko nga before “Victory is not always about winning. It’s about rising everytime you fall.” Naks!

Life is a continuous cycle. Dapat MOVE ON lang ng MOVE ON…

Noticed the lines “wala akong ibang gagawin but to be alone in my room.”, “Pero nakakapagod na ring i-push pa yung sarili mo when nobody want’s to even notice your efforts.” & “I’ll just wait for my contract to expire and then move on.” Kawawa naman. Made me feel na Fan ko na sya ngayon para at least meron syang support. Sana hindi mangyari sa isa pang Taga-Starstruck na Love na Love ko which mukhang delikado ang lagay shows nya ngayon (esp on QTV-11). bahala na yung mga “MALALAKAS” dyan sa Siyete.

Photoworld Manila 2007 sa Ayala Center Makati (In glorietta to be specific.) Isisingit ko sa pagpunta ko sa Mall of Asia on Feb 3. Last year, bilib ako doon sa isang nag-photoshop which showed stuff that i said to myself “huum, i did not even know that!”. Stuff like filtering your photos after shooting them, merging photos the more accurate way for panoramas and i forgot the trick about compositing. And i get to play with most of the Digital cameras!


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