Enero 30, 2007

Starstruck: “survey says” and NOT AGAIN!

Posted in Showbiz, Starstruck Sa 11:19 hapon ni naksd

Now this will have an impact on voters since kung fan sila ng isang nanalo sa sa starstruck and sya eh kumampi sa bet mo sa Starstruck 4.  Susunod ka rin diba?

Anyways, Out of 43 people surveyed.  Jewel Mische Came on top as “Ultimate Sweetheart” (GO JEWEL!), “Ultimate Loveteam” Jewel – and that boy sa kissflick nila.  Aljur as “Ultimate Hunk” (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not paying that much attention to the boys)

If you noticed that Rich was least favored to be Ultimate Sweetheart.  Why?  Ayaw nyo morena at puro mestiza nalang tayo? c’mon lets give Rich a little Love here, even if gusto ko si Jewel to win!

Tommorrow’s episode will be controversial because it might be the repeat of the computer scandal that faced StarStruck 3 (and no, it does not involve nudity!).

For those who forgot, last season, one the girls apperently opened up a computer and looked at “secret” show scripts which they were caught on surveilance camera and then the fiasco begins.  Somebody told me it is a “hidden” test to see which of the surrvivors is “Honest” and who’s not.

Personally, that means a lack of security on the IT side of things over GMA-7 if it was a real incident and not something made up.  Ang dali lang para hindi mabasa ang files sa PC.  Turn it off when not in use!  Lock the PC by pressing “ctrl-alt-delete” and select “Lock computer” (On Windows Xp Professional only, hindi ko pa alam kung paano sa Vista).  Use File encryption.  Hindi na yung huli na malalaman ang may masasaktan.

Padagdag lang.  Si Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao eh may commercial silang dalawa ng San Miguel Beer.  Ang kwelang isipin that Erik Morales is here in the country (philippines)


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