Enero 30, 2007

Another possible Boo-Boo for GMA-7’s I-Witness?

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i rushed into my PC after what happened minutes ago on GMA-7’s “I-Witness” just to write this post. They were featuring people living beside the railways and then it talks about the difficulties of relocation and the life itself there. There is one scene where a mass is held at the parking lot of the barangay (or plaza) and the Priest uttered Foul language like “U*ol” and “G*g*” which i think is unbecoming of a catholic priest. Then the video froze and the TV displayed “No signal”. Switched to the “rabbit ears” antenna and there is no signal coming from ch.7

What’s interesting is (at least on cable TV) that the video “froze” before they went off the air, maybe after that priest cussed then somebody ordered the tape to be paused and temporarily be off the air for some questioning. Maybe its just coincidence.

Then they went back to air with just the GMA logo for about 5 mins and then resumed the program and i noticed that they have skipped the scene were the priest has something to say to Howie Severino.

The show was in hot water not long ago with the documentary where the elder women undressed in public for some religious ritual, Howie made (hosted) it and then the MTRCB suspended the show because of the reason given by the MTRCB that the topic and some scenes was considered “obscene”.

With this incident, He and the show might be in trouble again. Can somebody please shed light on this?


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  1. howie said,

    Thanks for your interest in my story. But the black-out was a coincidence as far as I know. A Meralco transformer blew up and GMA’s back-up system did not work. It did seem eery though.

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