Enero 28, 2007

StarStruck 4, Non-elimination week (thank goodness!), Oh i’m wrong (and kinda right ) on Mau Marcelo & Windows Vista Launch At the SM Mall of Asia, TULOY NA!

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Kanina sa Starstruck, the “Mosquito” dance was finally unveiled to the public and i find it both magulo and kwela.  Magulo in the sense that it has more steps than it predcessors and kwela yung song and the steps itself.  Then the final 10 was split into 3 groups.

Group #1 was Rich, Stef and who is that guy?  Anyways, ang ganda ng production number nila, May kumakanta na ulit sa Starstruck after Jennylyn Mercado (Maxim!) and Yasmien Kurdi (which By the way, ka-dedebut nya pala, Belated Happy Birthday Yasmien!)!  Natuwa si Direk Louie sa production number nila which is uncommon to him dahil puro bira ang narining mo sa kanya these past couple of days.

Group 2 was Jewel (GO JEWEL!), Kris, Jesi (whoa!) and some guy.  Yung guy ang magaling sumayaw and the rest “faked” it.  Still, Lorna Tolentino was impressed.

Group 3 was the 3 remaining boys, the two has the voice and the other one was also “faking” it (akalain mong napili ni Regine as best singer among the boys yung “faking” it na singer!).  And of course The last judge on the council was impressed.

Then the elimination phase begins.  Stef and some guy was eliminated, Stef was shocked and crying.  Gulat ako na si Jesi ay nakapasok pa sa natitirang contestants.  JOKE,JOKE,JOKE.  Dahil Non-Elimination week pala ito and nobody is eliminated, parang sa “Amazing Race” na may Non-elimination Leg sila.  Even after that Announcement, Stef continues to cry.  If hindi Non-elimination ang week na ito, i would have protested because let’s face it, malakas si Stef.

On my last post, i talked about Mau and ASAP and all that.  Well, nag-guest sya doon kanina and nakakatuwang isipin na si Gian sa 7, si mau sa 2.  Talaga naman oh!  I read that ABS will try their best to get Mau on that show since si Mau may contract pa sya sa ABC-5 (eh ano si Gian?  No contract sa singko?)  Noticed na hindi nag-krus ang landas ni Yeng Constantino and Mau?  (Mag-kalaban sila ng shows diba?)

Ok, The new Version of windows “Windows Vista” Will be launched Jan 30 (finally!) in the US and Dito sa Pinas ay Feb 3 at the SM Mall of Asia (my Favorite mall), Tuloy na tuloy na sya!  sana nga eh mamigay sila ng “Free” “Original” copies ng Vista and how about that Xbox 360?

For more info and registration para sa event na ito and Windows Vista Itself.  Visit http://www.nowpossible.ph


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