Enero 26, 2007

Firefox Screwed up. StarStruck 4: The Dance Test.

Posted in college, Computer, Starstruck Sa 1:57 umaga ni naksd

Grabe ang Firefox pag-nagloko ang computer, First it crashed beacuse of a lotta tabs. Second is biglang nag-off ang PC (my fault, accidentally yanked the power) then my preferences, cookies and cache ay nawala. I have to reset them again. Dati rin noong “portable” pa yung firefox ko, everytime the power goes out, the settings are screwed, its even harder in the portable setting since you have to make sure no disk cache is in use because it will wear out the flash-drive.

Kanina sa Starstruck, Douglas was still a little nice to the surrvivors. Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!, Oh i gotta say that hangang hindi sya natatangal o nananalo sa Starstruck.) eh napaiyak nanaman, si Stef ang napili as Douglas’ choice of a good dancer sa girls. Bukas yung kanilang matinding dance test at baka masigawan na sila (hahaha)

Having a hard time at college right now after that computer incident, inaasar ako and hindi ako makapag-isip.  May natandaan ako na merong isang tao that went inside, asked me if our class is over then sat on my computer browsing the net.  Baka sya yung nakasira ng software (windows Xp administrator password to be specific.).

I asked my friend about her opinion, sabi nya naghahanap lang sila ng butas then ako yung naituro.  Hey again, if i wanna do it.  I can do it.  Everybody can, just get a sledge hammer and hit on the dang thing until it catches on fire since it is still connected on this power supply.

They are sooo paranoid now that they disconnected the LAN cables which supplied the internet to all Laboratories, could you belive that!  Hey, even the library is closed so what will i do in my free time.  Break stuff?

Parang they are keeping a close eye on me since i think i can do more harm if i wanted to on their PC’s  Just my personal opinion since if you are nice to me, i will make the PC and your life happy.  (grabe, pag-nakita nyo itong blog entry mga employees and my instructors, ayos ang haba free time nyo ha!)


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