Enero 23, 2007

StarStruck 4 singing test. Pirated Copies of Windows Vista out now, NGE!

Posted in Computer, Opinions, Starstruck Sa 11:13 hapon ni naksd

Si Stef at saka si Rich (ganda ni Rich ngayon.).  Napaiyak noong nakaharap nila si Ogie Alcasid.  Nawalan ng confidence sa sarili.  Sa mga boys, may napatulala, may nainsecure at merong isang confident all the way (does smiling not count?).

May part 2 pa bukas, so let’s watch out for that!

I have seen DVD’s of Windows Vista of the pirated kind, they say that it is the full version, not the beta.  Which makes me wonder, how in the world they are able to “crack” the RTM (release to manufacture) Build (they got the RTM via MSDN or Technet, go figure.).  Ang daming “anti-piracy” countermeasures iyon na it will take time to have the workarounds. They said (although not confirmed) that those “vistas” are just Windows Xp with some “vista ” look Skins which again i will say they look sooo fake!

Now, what is my opinion on Vista???  for now, para lang iyon sa may mga “maton” o “brand-new” na computer dahil it will require a heck of a system to run it.  Especially the 3D interface “aero glass”  mag Windows Xp muna tayo.


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  1. avy said,

    i’ve only worked with longhorn, pero nakita ko na yung interface ng vista.. mukhang ok pero kelangan ng napakalaking HD space pra sa system.. woo..

    i don’t really watch starstruck.. heehhe

    *thanks for visiting my blog*

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