Enero 22, 2007

“Starstruck: The Next Level”, Dex & Hazel! Eliminated!

Posted in Starstruck Sa 1:38 hapon ni naksd

This elimination night. Si Kris Bernal, umayos ang kanyang buhok from bad to good. Si Stef Prescott naman nag-paiksi ng hair to neck length, short haircuts are popular not even in starstruck. Best kiss is the kissflick of Rich Asuncion and some other guy (IM NOT PAYING ATTENTION!), i find their story brutal 😦 so i disagree. Best Actor, uumm who is he again? and best Actress is Stef because of her portrayal of Yasmien Kurdi (hindi ko napanood yung mismong kissflick nya but narining ko na dahil lang doon), remember Stef being linked to Rainier Castillo?

Jesi D’ Tomboy (Sorry, but that is the truth) was voted out by his/her co-surrvivors most because of the reason that he/she cannot make it in sowbiz. Mahihirapan raw sya (and the number of voters who will support him/her, just look what happened to Pow of “Philippine Idol” 🙂 ) but he/she was not eliminated. Instead, Hazel Uy was eliminated instead and hindi nag-impact sa akin yung personality nya sa akin (and again, her kissflick was silly, the kiss itself was silly)

This week, pakakantahin naman sila! (Cover your ears! JOKE!)

And bakit atat silang mag-eliminate ng contestants unlike dati na only 1 boy or girl is eliminated? Because they are gunning for the March 2007 deadline for proclaiming the winners??? Don’t sacrifice quality by “rushing” the training.

Nakalimutan ko, si Direk Louie Pinuna sila for their performance sa SOP earlier that day. Its “pangit” daw. I have not watched SOP that day so i cannot give a solid comment but c’mon give them some slack Direk!


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