Enero 19, 2007

Jesi & some boy. Hazel and another boy & Rich with yet another boy in thier respective Starstruck “kissflick” (oh dear!). Minidisc and Apple Iphone (GALING!)

Posted in Computer, Starstruck Sa 12:07 umaga ni naksd

last tuesday, hahahaha.  I cannot gauge how well did they do the story and how they acted, but MAN.  I was laughing all the time and i’m like seeing a “M2M” (yuck!) on-screen.  Sorry, Jesi should stay away from those kind of stuff unless he/she does….whatever!

yung sa wendsday naman, parang may sira ng ulo yung character ni Hazel doon.  Weird story, anyways, ang tagal and may passion yung kissing scene nila doon.

Then kanina, si Rich naman and another boy (sorry, still not paying attention to them!) did action and i place it on my 2nd spot of the best (yung best ko ay yung kay Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!)  GANDA!)  May twist sa huli.  Kawawa yung character ng Boy.  Maganda pa naman ang kissing scene.

Worst is yung kay Hazel.

I did finally fix the battery connection of my Minidisc Recorder that somebody gave to me (sana digital camera nalang 🙂 ) and i bought a Blank disc (180 pesos, mahal!) and i like it, i do record off the radio and then pag-alis ko i fast-forward the bad stuff commercials, “pabati”, trash talk) and since this is Minidisc, i can edit tracks and record kahit nasa labas ako (kaya ba iyan ng ipod na walang 3rd party mics/inputs?)

I have watched the Keynote of Steve Jobs in Macworld 2007 and when he demonstrated a live, running Iphone.  Sinabi ko sa sarili ko, GALING!  Obsolete na ang lahat ng phones na in the market ngayon!  Kaya Nokia has a concept phone which the front is touch-screen too like the iphone, actually matagal na gusto ng Nokia ang touch-screen na walang Physical na keys sa harap na cellphone with maps, Video call, e commerce.  Remember the old Nokia commercials noong isang fictional na band tried to make a phone call with his credit cards?


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