Enero 16, 2007

Robinsons Mall’s Free Wi-FI, Jewel and that guy in “kissflicks” sa StarStruck.

Posted in Computer, Starstruck Sa 10:12 umaga ni naksd

The first Robinsons mall that offered free Wi-Fi (Internet ito.) was the Galleria and sabi nila ang signal ay nasa “east wing”, yung pang-rich people.  Then Robinsons Pioneer also offered free wi-fi, hindi ko nga alam kung mallwide o sa “Rich” area lang.

Ngayon, Ang Robinsons Metro East naman ang meron daw na Free Wi-Fi based on banners at saka i noticed there are D-link IP Security Cameras on entrances which at the time are disconnected, a use for the Wi-fi?  Now, how will they pull off this mallwide internet for free without going bankrupt on funds for this “experiment”, baka naman they will put ads before and during your browsing session.  Hey i see more and more people who are using cellphones with built-in Wi-fi and sana explore naman nila ang use nito.  I would like to see people with laptops that they stream live mall shows of Bands and Celebrities.

Last Night, for some darned reason, nag-iba ang Timeslot ng Starstruck from “after atlantika” to “after jumhong”.  Bakit kaya, low ratings? o dahil lang sa challenge this week na “kissflicks” na sila-sila ay may lips-to-lips kissing scene which i think is waaayyyy to “atat” to do at this pont of time, bakit hindi nalang nila gawin later on the competition?

Anyways, si Jewel Mische (GO JEWEL!) and that other guy (i’m not paying attention to them, sorry.)  ang nauna.  Cute ang story and later this night,  si Jesi and another guy naman!  Si Jesi, makikipag-laplapan sa lalaki?  Tomboy iyon diba?  I heard that Jesi’s Tomboy Image is just a “Trojan Horse” para makakuha ng support and mag-papakababae rin sya in the end.  Alamin nalang natin mamaya!


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