Enero 15, 2007

Great, i actually won some World Pryo Olympic tickets without even knowing it!

Posted in Announcement Sa 1:19 umaga ni naksd

I decided to go back to the site where there is this contest which i posted here before and then my site is on the list of winners!


(Check Jan 8)

Great!  I missed the freebie!  I think the culprit here is my akismet spam filter which might have marked the site owner’s comment notifying me i won.

Another reason why i did check it out again is when i recently approved comments in my moderation bin.  I saw 2 comments marked as spam.  The one is really spam and the other one is from a valid person which told me why may tickets sa event.  Ayun, medyo pumasok sa isip ko kung ano na ang nag-yari sa pasiklaban na iyan.


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