Enero 14, 2007

“Starstruck: The Next Level”, Dave & Renee! Eliminated!, “SOP” VS “ASAP”

Posted in Showbiz, Starstruck Sa 8:18 hapon ni naksd

(forgive me if i might murder the names of some of the Starstruck 4 contestants.)


Show Highlights muna ako, in the dance number. Lolipops in their mouths will equate to choking hazard especially when they breakdanced. Si Kris Bernal, gumanda na ang buhok, slight lang nga, ganda ng eyes. Si Jewel Mische (Go jewel!) ay nahuhuli sa dance number and still wala parin akong paki sa mga boys. And Direk Louie cited a website which *HATES* Stef Prescot ,because of something with Rainier of Batch 1, that the site admin banned pictures and any mention of Stef (i know what site that is: http://pinoy.rickey.org Free speech eh!)

Si Renee Eh gustong magasagasaan ang ibang ka batchmates nya for the sake of winning. Well , if you think of that. Makasarili sya and you need allies to make it though the contest alive (in the showbiz sense), she should think that she is a winner already (and is she the one who said “mas maganda ako kay Iwa [moto]!”? Totoo naman iyon eh!). Because of that, eliminated na sya sa final 14. Avenger na sya.

Si Dave na ala “Sam Milby”, also Eliminated. wala akong masabi.

Kanina, wala akong magawa kundi puro PC lang. Kain,PC,kain. Pero i did not take the time to write a long piece that i already have on paper on the previous seasons of Starstruck. Mai-type ko nga soon. Sayang lang tuloy ang oras ko sa kakalaro ng “Counter-Strike”!

“SOP Rules” and ASAP ’07”. So far based on the segments of both shows, mas maganda ang “ASAP ’07” dahil majority ng singers na super galing from different singing contests ay nadoon. And lately puro self promotion & mediocre performances lang ang palabas nila sa “SOP Rules”, sometimes its downright ridiculous!. this week’s show on “ASAP ’07” ay loaded with Piolo Pascual’s & Vhong Navarro’s Bday party (yun lang naabutan ko) and ang tagal bago mag commercial, kwela pa ang mga segments nila. Compared to “SOP Rules” na yung mismong segement ay commercial na din (sounds like Enteng Kabisote 3??)


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  1. nirVana_WhiM said,

    hahahah! buti nga kay ste* (obvious naman!?). I hate her. She is so vain, concited, arrogant and feeler! Feel niya super talented at sikat siya(DUH!). I hate her! HAil to that RICKEY site! I’m one with u! We have the same type there(si jewel rin) at nakakatawa siya last sunday kasi palaging nahuhuli sa dance pero what matters most is ung effort niya!Ang galing niya sa kiss flick. Hindi ko inexpect na ganun siya kagaling coz you know, she has been marked as lousy from the start pero ang galing ha! GO JEWEL! I’M ONEOF THE JEWELERS AND AM PROUD TO BE! LUV YA JEWEL! and that mean girl i mentioned the earliest, i know she would be eliminated in the long run of the show.. THAT BOSSY and ARROGANT FEMALE DOG!u **ck!)

  2. runwaygirl... said,

    hey i think renee is deserve to the final 6…………welll i want her back i only wacth g.ma for support her…thanksss……………..

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