Enero 10, 2007

Internet connection is very very slow, apple releases its own cellphone wow! and this entry is mostly via dictation

Posted in Computer, Daily Life, News Sa 8:02 hapon ni naksd

earlier after connecting via dial up connection I was surprised that the connection is unusable because some pages were not loading even the local sites .  then I decided to rent a computer in a computer shop and still the connection was very slow and unusable I asked the person in charge if he was aware of this and he said yes.  Maybe it’s because the repair work all over the waters off Taiwan is undergoing its final stages and slowly being used.for this reason I won’t be buying another Internet card for now I’ll be waiting for the dust to settle on this whole slowdown issue.

But even though the Internet connection was very slow I was still able to pull up the news sites and I was surprised that apple released its own cellular phone called the “iphone”.  its combined the ipod we all know and love with a cellular phone and a personal digital assistant.  it has a big touch screen That fills up the front of the unit itself.  and it uses the GSM system so it will work here in the Philippines not the CDMA system that America uses the iphone is to be released in June of this year

so far my accuracy rate is at 90% I still need to use the keyboard to correct the mistakes that the voice recognition made this is not dragon naturally speaking which you can control the corrections on the computer via your voice.again this will be helpful when reading off books instead of typing them by hand


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