Enero 8, 2007

StarStruck 4 Final 14: Heto na (heto na, heto na, naaaaaaa!!!), Powered by fast food & classes are back and Copy protection mayhem!

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I was supposed to write about the Starstruck 4:Final 14 announcement last sunday, pero tinamad. Now here is my own opinions.

Yay, pasok si Jewel Mische but i noticed doon sa song number nya sa gabing iyon, kulang sa energy. Pero it did not stop direk louie from dissing her completely (yet). Si Jean de Castro pala, laglag na, tagal na. So i choose Stef Prescot as her replacement, pwedeng image model, but she has to prove to me na may talent sya. Si Kris Bernal naman, bakit nag-pagupit ng hair, i don’t like the way her hair looks now. A big surprise that night was Jesi the tomboy of the batch. She wore the same dress as the girls in a dance number. Chubby pala si Jesi. Anyways, advice ko lang sa career path nya, minimize gender specific roles. Sa mga boys, dont get a “Sam Milby” look-alike PLEASE! Let him do something else. The rest for the boys to comment on in the future.

Last Saturday and Sunday, puro fast food lang ang breakfast and lunch ko. Dinner is the only “proper” meal that i took. Kaya nga powered by fastfood nga eh. What if i only eat fast food for a month? Somebody done it already and made a film called “Super Size Me”. It’s about one man trying to convince viewers that McDonald’s and co. is responsible for obeisity in children in the United States. Buti nalang, dito sa pinas, no effect so far except our wallets lang naman.

Back to College na ako (i just call it school no matter what) and i made adjustments to myself, First: No more Sims 2 for me. I uninstalled it and deleted the save files. Second: Wake up in the morning, not brunch hours. Third: No more pointless web browsing on different topics. and lastly: DO MY ASSIGNMENTS AND REVIEWS. Para naman tumaas ang marks ko kahit konti lang.

Going back to HD-DVD & Blu-ray. Katakot-takot na “Copy Protection” na gagamitin sa Windows Vista if you want to watch HD-DVD or Blu-ray titles. Just read “A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection” at


and the pirates will get around the copy protection anyways!


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