Enero 5, 2007

The Finish line (COMELEC Registration day 6.), Watching an IMAX 3D Movie: A Review, now i know why there are tickets to the world pyro olympics! & The noise common to PUV’s

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After 6 days of going back and forth at their office.  I have already finished the voters registration by that delayed picture taking and biometrics.  But even though this is the final stage, there was still drama at the papers dept.  Hindi nila agad nakita ang papers ko!  Hindi na nga ako naka-pag breakfast para una ako sa pila saka 5 mins pa bago nakita ang papers ko na naihalo yata sa ibang barangay! and because of that, hindi ako inabot ng hapon and very hungry na ako.  So i ate a double sized pizza from greenwich pizza.

Then i was in a mood for a movie, as i promised to myself, i would like to watch “kasal, kasali, kasalo” but then again changed my mind since i don’t want to force myself in watching this movie just to give my two cents worth on the whole MMFF brouhaha.  So i did watch an IMAX 3D movie at the mall of asia (my favorite mall!) instead.  It was that dinosaur movie “T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous”.  There were many people who watched the movie at that time, puro bata! (later on i found out na field trip pala nila iyon, sosyal!)

It is not my first time watching something at the IMAX theater at MOA, i have already watched “happy feet” before.  It was supposed to be shown in 3D but for some reason, warner bros decided to release it as a standard 2D upsampled version which still looked amazing and with that giant of a screen, dinaan sa height, hindi sa width ang laki ng screen (or both ways??)

Now, this T-rex movie which i previously eluded to watch before.  Will be my first 3D movie that is “watchable”, Remember “Spy kids 3D:Game over” which you used those red and blue paper glasses to watch the movie in 3D?  Well i still remember that even though it worked, it sapped all the colors of the movie and became a Red and blue movie (R&B televisions anyone?) very unwatchable and i did remove my paper glasses once in a while for that movie.

Ngayon, dito sa IMAX 3D, “polarized glasses” na ang gamit which means the glasses are clear and it did not kill the colors on screen, only brightness since it worked like any non-corrective eyewear blocking some or most of the light coming thorough. The glasses looked dorky though and you have to return it after watching to clean them up and use them again by another unsuspecting moviegoer (i hope they clean those glasses well. if i get “red eye” within this week, you know why.)

So what actually happened???  First to kinda insult me, they showed the trailer for “happy feet” IN 3D!  Sayang since ginamit ng film yung 3D to it’s full potential since nasa Computer naman sya ginawa and madali na (yata) ipasok sa 3D system ng IMAX ang 3D info of the film.  Ang kwela ng trailer, same goes to the “open season” trailer also in 3D, also showed is a NASCAR flick.  Maganda rin, but for some reason, fast moving images did not translate to 3D very well, more of that later.

Ok, on to the film itself.  Maganda ang 3D scenes nya, in cinematography terms. Kaso yung story, parang may sira ng ulo yung girl sa movie.  Sabik kasing malaman tungkol sa t-rex.  And puro nature scenes in beautiful 3D, madalang ang dinosaurs mismo, save for the final scenes where may t-rex na maamo sa girl.

I noticed that in fast action sequences, the 3D effect blurs away.  It’s either mali ang pag-kakaadjust nila sa projector o limitation lang sya.  Hey this movie was made in 1998, at that time, hindi pa sikat ang IMAX as an entertainment platfom, puro pang science museum at expo lang.  Based on research, this movie was the first entertainment oriented IMAX film and kumita sya sa takilya!  Nag-experiment pa sila (on a side note, “Apollo 13” was the first Hollywood movie to be remastered for IMAX and the rest is history, kumita rin.)
Bottom line:  watch it for your first IMAX 3D movie, don’t watch it if you are expecting a lot of dinosaurs.

Since nadoon na rin ako sa Mall of asia, i decided to take a look at the setup for the world pyro olympics.  Nakita ko via the “5 pesos per view” na binoculars yung barge kung saan nakasetup yung mga fireworks.  Ayun, marami sila sa barge doing last-minute checks and sinara nila yung buong esplanade (yung baywalk ng MOA), you need a ticket to enter, kaya pala.  Then after watching that t-rex movie.  Sinara na nila yung bridgeway patungo doon to prevent “freeloaders” to watch the show at the bridgeway itself.  Same also sa mga restaurants at the back of the mall, facing the bay.  You need to eat there (i think, or still buy tickets).  Well, i will watch if i was given a ticket since i would bet that you can see it from afar. BTW: hindi ako nakapanood ngayon since ako lang ang nadoon, gusto ko may kasama. And other reasons and sa akin nalang iyon.

On the way home, dahil hindi ko nai-karga ng new songs for my MP3 player.  Pinag-tiyagaan ko nanaman yung 101.9 mhz FM (same goes to 101.1, 90.7, 95.5 and other related stations.)  I don’t want to listen to FM radio sa car stereo anymore since hindi ko malipat pag ayaw ko ang kanta, segment or commercials.  And c’mon, i always hear the same stations over and over and over again.  Now as a solution since walang FM yung MP3 player ko (bummer), i’m recording radio to my PC then make MP3’s out of them and play them while in travel.  At least i can skip the bad parts and rewind through important info, good songs, funny DJ’s (those are rare).


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