Disyembre 28, 2006

Title: COMELEC ComeHECK! (Voter Registration Day 2), Pimping my desktop & Solid state Video cameras

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The 2nd day, i need to go the comelec office (again) to register after
getting my birth certificate copy. My goodness, the lines were very long.
Longer than “Enteng Kabisote 3″‘s line at the box office (i bet they are that
long at SM cinemas). And it’s hot and there is no order. Went there at
around 1:30 PM, was out 4:45 PM. I was there standing in line and with not
enough chairs around. Babalik pa ako bukas (nanaman!) for the Picture and
biometrics. sana umaga lang ako doon, hindi aabutan ng hapon.

I have pimped my desktop after being tired of the “Luna” blue theme, the one
that comes on Windows XP by default. I switched first to the Vista Theme
that i downloaded on the net, it was soooo fake, i did not like it, wala yung
aero glass eh! saka XP ang ginagamit ko, not vista (same dislike goes to the
people with Nokia 3210’s that uses the x-press on covers to make their phones
look something like the later models!). Then i switched to the Zune theme
which Microsoft provided, i liked it. Then, i found this piece of software
called “objectdock” which “emulates” the MAC OS X Dock. I liked it since it
can replace my desktop, but not my windows taskbar which i placed on top and
“auto-hidden”. After that, i have this software called “wallmaster” which
changes wallpapers every n number of minutes, it had an option to hide all
desktop icons. Then i turned it on and ang linis ng desktop ko. Take a

My Desktop

(Click Image for a more complete view)

CD-R king, the place to go for cheap CD-R/RW’s, DVD-+R/RW’s, PC accessories
and even Digital Cameras!. they started offering this 5,000+ peso Digicam
that records video in MPEG-4 (it said on the box) and saves into SD cards. I
have read and heard on the internet that these taiwan made cameras leaves a
lot to be desired, sub-par image and video quality, interpolated megapixels
(Example: one camera boasts 12 megapixels, closer inspection in the box
revealed only a 3.2 MP CMOS sensor. Yun lang ang importante.).

I also read online about the Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1A. It records High-def 720P
Video on SD cards also, WOW. Image quality talo pa yung mga DV cameras pag

Why Meron akong post na ganito, imagine having a video camera in your pocket
ready for action most of the time. Pwede sana ang Digital Still camera, but
limited lang ang video capabilities nya.

Para may video and/or photo posts naman dito!


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