Disyembre 27, 2006

Net connection suffers after Taiwan quake, “Firecrackers”: Whoops, there goes the hands, the limbs, the feet, Dang! even the house is on fire!. COMELEC registration & May you rest in peace James Brown.

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There was a 6.8 and a 6.4 magnitude earthquake over at southern Taiwan. Paano ako naapektuhan?, my internet connection is varied from just ok to cannot connect to a website or service. May news na nasira yung underwater cables running through taiwan and it will take about 3 weeks to fix it. Kaya pala kanina, nahirapan to the point na wala nang calls or internet connection yung mga call center natin, said my source. Let’s hope na maayos na ang internet natin and also bumangon ang mga naapektuhan na mga tao sa Taiwan. That island is very volatile don’t cha think?

Can somebody teach those kids not to use their Firecrackers in public places? Almost hit by a “Picolo” here. Akala ko Sigarilyong ubos na, biglang “BAM!”. Bakit ba gannon sila, may mga taong nag-lalakad then they will throw it na wala silang paki? Kinausap ko yung bata but to no avail na nagsalita sya, wala talagang paki!

Now, may mga balita na May nasunog na department store dahil sa isang bata na nag-sindi ng “picolo” at naihagis sa display ng mga paputok!, ayun 25 people dead!. Sa Marikina Naman, mga bahay, sunog! Dahil nanaman sa paputok raw! Dumami na raw ang bilang na kailangan na itakbo sa ospital dahil sa paputok ayon sa DOH! (legal man o bomba na kung ituring ang ginamit.). I said it before and i will say it again, just watch the fireworks displays instead. The people who set it up know their stuff, they have licenses to boot and they are way better looking than just noise.

Also, i don’t give a D*mn on people saying the new cannon (“Boga”) is safer than your average, If you point it at somebody, sunog sila! Also daladala mo yung PVC pipe na iyan! I remember seeing a “potato gun” on “The Screen savers” at the now defunct “Tech TV” Channel That is frankly the same as those “Boga”‘s that we are using (and pinasisikat as an “alternative”). It uses hair spray as the fuel (it has butane as it’s propellant), a steel pipe and a potato is stuck in it’s bore. The person who made it said that “It is a PG-13 kind of project” where adult supervision is a must and the thing is not designed to be a noise maker. But i see kids using it by themselves and sige sila, pag-nasunog sila diyan.

Basta, Happy New Year kayo dyan and Good Luck!

COMELEC (Comission on Elections), is it still transparent? O puro daya behind-the-scenes nalang diyan? Anyways, nag-parehistro ako to vote. Yun lang.

Nagulat ako nang Namatay na si “James Brown”, the father of soul music, recently discovered via a cassette tape that i found at home and started listening to it. Namatay pa on Christmas day, My condolences to the Family and friends of James Brown.


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