Disyembre 26, 2006

“The Sims”, “RAM”, “Pepsi 349 Number Fever” blunder (still pepsi tastes better than coca-cola)

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“The sims”, my goodness.  Nakaka-adik and hindi pa ito yung “sims 2”.  Parang walang katapusan.  I will get a copy of “Call of Duty” and “007 Nightfire” after new year or maybe “sims 2”.  And BTW:  My PC cannot play the latest FPS (First Person Shooter) games.  But flies when it comes to web apps, word processing, MP3 encoding, watching DVD’s.  Basta huwag lang latest games.

Tip:  Even if your PC is still stuck in the pentium 3/AMD Athlon [Not Xp or 64] Era.  Add memory, memory is cheap and the end result is a smoother operation of windows because it will not use a page file on the hard drive to act as additional memory, and hard drives are way slower than RAM.  Before i had my own PC, i’m using a 2.0 ghz AMD Sempron with 256 MB of RAM, sure it does transcode MP3’s fast, plays 720p WMV High-def files with some hiccups but when i open up Firefox and a bunch of apps on their sucker, there is always a slight pause.  But on my 1.0 ghz AMD athlon machine with 320 MB of RAM, smooth operation.

The “Pepsi 349 Number Fever” Promotion way back in 1992, i was still a little boy then and have no idea what in the world it is, until i saw a program on TV with a feature on this very incident and recently on the back issue of “PC Plus” which i bought at “Book sale” recently.  For the uninitiated, Pepsi back in 1992 is losing the cola market share to coca-cola, so they have this promotion where you can win PHP 100 to PHP 1 Million when the number is drawn and you have a crown with that number, you win the prize.  For some darn computer bug reason.  The computer drawn “349” as the winning number but it had more than 500,000 crowns with it instead of the expected 18 crowns, worse.  It’s the 1 million peso prize, do the math and pepsi would be history if it would pay up each of the people 1 mil!  Until now, the people are fighting for the prize.  Kung mangyari kaya ulit iyon? sana nga para mabawasan na ang raffle draws, especially na puro text promos na which is ran by computers.  Recently, pepsi had a text raffle to win a cellphone every hour, nah!  Hindi ako nanalo!

Huwag na tayong aasa sa raffle, same goes to lotto, sweepstakes and “las vegas” if you go to the casinos.  Let’s work nalang if you need or want the stuff, now if you find these “game of chances” fun, hinay-hinay lang and huwag gastusin lahat ng pera para sa jackpot ok!

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